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As a Referrals Only Real Estate Agent, your typical referral will generate between $400 and $800 in commissions for you – just for making a phone call or filling out a form when you come across someone who plans to buy and/or sell real estate.

This is not a job, nor does it require a career change. It’s simply a lucrative way to participate in the real estate industry and earn spare time income – just for knowing people.

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1.0        LICENSING

By law, a Real Estate license is required to participate in the Referrals Only Real Estate program and receive your commissions.

1.1        If you do not already have a real estate license — you will need to take a pre-license class in your state. (Skip to 1.4)

1.2        If you had a license but it has gone inactive for over six months (most states) — you would need to re-take your state’s pre-license class. (Skip to 1.4)

1.3        If you currently have an active license with another broker, or one that is inactive less than six (6) months — you can simply transfer your license to Referrals Only Real Estate.

1.4        Once you have passed the test you will apply for a license and pay the initial fee.


We will provide you with a free 2-day training class. In that class you receive valuable training to teach you how to obtain and secure referrals. This will include assisting you to compile your sphere-of-influence contact list and get your passive marketing program underway.


Our passive marketing system is the key to your success. You provide us a list of recipients and we do the rest for you!

3.1        Once we have activated your real estate license and you have completed the training course, we will provide you with a website, email address, business cards and a voice mail extension. 

3.2Each month RORE will generate a professionally written email newsletter that will be sent to each individual on your contact list. The email is professionally transmitted to each individual address, and not as “bulk” or as “undisclosed recipients.” If you would like, the email newsletter can be personalized by you in an area designated for your personalized message.

3.3        Those on your contact list will think of you as the person who knows “how to find the best real estate agent.”  When your contacts are ready to buy and/or sell a house, or come across someone looking to buy or sell real estate, you earn a referral fee when they close a transaction using a RORE-recommended agent.


4.1Your contact calls RORE directly or you provide us this person’s information. 

4.2We will call your referred party and gather information regarding their needs.

4.3We identify which real estate professionals would be best suited for their specific transaction.

4.4We present to your referred party the names and contact information of three real estate professionals, best suited for their specific transaction.

4.5Your referred party has the option to contact any or all of the real estate professionals on the list and choose the one they deem most appropriate for them.

4.6 We have agreements in place with our Top-tier agent list to protect our referral fee. You will receive 10% of the amount of the total commission earned by the receiving agent.

In Missouri, your total cost (once licensed) is just $99 per year (payable in June of each calendar year; may vary by state). Your $99 annual fee includes the cost of both license renewal and continuing education classes.  These courses are required by law in order to renew your license, and we provide the courses.  In Missouri, at the beginning of every even numbered year, you will receive a schedule of our Continuing Education classes (“CE”).  The $99 fee also includes all associated marketing costs such as your web site, email address, business cards and voice mail service.


Being a Referrals Only Agent is not a job or a career.

Remember, during training, you will input your contact list and we do most of the work from there. We’ll immediately start sending monthly newsletters from your new email address. All you need to do is keep your contact database current and keep adding new prospects. We will even help you deal with updating invalid email addresses. Optionally, you may want to personalize your monthly personal message before we send out your newsletter. It’s that easy! 

As a Referrals Only Agent, you will NOT be required to be a member of any Board of Realtors or pay any MLS fees. And you’ll never be required to perform the customary duties of a ‘career agent’ either. There’s no phone duty, no showing houses, no open houses, no driving buyers around and no listing houses. In fact, other than the cost of your pre-license class and the annual fee, you need have no other expenses either, since we already include everything you’ll need.

Your RORE Manager is always accessible to you and our success is based on your success! 

You can reach us by phone 877-REF-ONLY or by email ( during usual business hours and beyond. 

To your success,

The Referrals Only Real Estate team


Let’s say you refer a friend who wants to sell a $200,000 home and the listing broker charges a 6% commission. Let’s say half of the 6% commission goes to the listing broker and the other half to the selling broker. Each broker receives half of $12,000 which is $6,000. You receive 10% of the $6,000 listing side commission.

That means you’d receive $600 – and all you had to do was provide your friend’s contact information! 

In the event the friend you referred also purchases another home, you could earn a second referral fee (“Buy and Sell”) if they retain one of our referral agents to represent them with their purchase.

Not only do you earn a substantial amount of money for a simple referral, but you also help your friends find top-notch agents to professionally facilitate their transactions!
“Earning referral fees on a buyer or seller or both is the highest per-hour income in the real estate business. And you help someone find a top-tier agent at the same time!”  
— Mark Palmero L’Boe, Founder